Waroona Amateur Basketball Association Inc.


Courtside is a next generation basketball scoring application created by SportsTG in collaboration with Basketball Australia.

Courtside is available on both IOS and Android devices, greatly decreasing the workload for club volunteers and improving the quality of game data retained.

Games can be set up and players selected in under 30 seconds. Once the game commences, fouls, points and other statistics can be recorded through the app.

As the app can operate online or offline, results and game data can be uploaded straight away or when the user has access to internet.

Game statistics from Courtside are integrated with this website.

To assist in operating Courtside, Basketball Australia has shared a few videos below:

Introducing Courtside

Part 1 - Launch & Set-Up

Part 2 - Add a New Player or Coach

Part 3 - Assigning Scores, Fouls & Timeouts

Part 4 - Editing Actions

Part 5 - Referee Actions

For more information, visit SportsTG

Please see the Basketball Office for more information on scoring and the rules of basketball.