Waroona Amateur Basketball Association Inc.


Stadium Scoring has been introduced at Waroona Redbacks commencing in 2017. Stadium Scoring is a computer software program and each court will have a laptop with that court’s corresponding fixture for each WABL game day. Stadium Scoring ensures games are uploaded instantly (once confirmed) and player statistics to be recorded online.

Find below the Cheat Sheet BWA have developed to assist our members in learning how to use the program. It is very easy to use and if you have any questions please contact your Association WABL Administrator.

WABL Stadium Scoring Cheat Sheet

Scoretable officials are responsible for the smooth flow of the game. They have a range of duties to undertake including recording the scores and fouls, changing the direction of the arrow, controlling the timer and updating the scoreboard.

Below is a guide on  how to score at an association level, and a few helpful video demonstations:

Scoring Guide

How To Score A Basketball Game
How To Complete The Scoresheet

Please see the Basketball Office for more information on scoring and the rules of basketball.